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Project department has very importance in any company, S. M. Jaffer & Co has qualified and experienced engineers, After signed a project it is assigned to the project department where the project department select a team for the specific project. The project planning phase is always the most challenging phase for the project manager, as the manager needs to make an educated guess about the staff, resources, and equipment needed to complete project. Our project team plans the communications and procurement activities, as well as contracts any third-party suppliers.

Project plannings are:

  • Scope planning – specifying the in-scope requirements for the project to facilitate creating the work breakdown structure
  • Preparation of the work breakdown structure – spelling out the breakdown of the project into tasks and sub-tasks
  • Project schedule development – listing the entire schedule of the activities and detailing their sequence of implementation
  • Resource planning – indicating who will do what work, at which time, and if any special skills are needed to accomplish the project tasks
  • Budget planning – specifying the budgeted cost to be incurred at the completion of the project
  • Procurement planning – focusing on vendors outside your company and subcontracting
  • Risk management – planning for possible risks and considering optional contingency plans and mitigation strategies
  • Quality planning – assessing quality criteria to be used for the project
  • Communication planning – designing the communication strategy with all project stakeholders

The planning phase refines the project’s objectives, which were gathered during the initiation phase. It includes planning the steps necessary to meet those objectives by further identifying the specific activities and resources required to com¬plete the project. Now that these objectives have been recognized, they must be clearly articulated, detailing an in-depth scrutiny of each recognized objective. With such scrutiny, our understanding of the objective may change. Our Project team makes the complete plain and documents each and every thing from start to deliver the project. These documents are discussed with the high management which looks the complete plain and discus the time, cost, quality of work, any required changes, risk, and other related issues.

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